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Chef Spotlight

Chef Spotlight

Chef Amethyst Woodard


To achieve and continuously maintain a balanced lifestyle; my spirituality, my body, my health. Not just for weight-loss, but to be in tune with one’s self. To constantly motivate and push my family and peers to live a well-balanced life. I believe a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be bland, it has to be flavorful!

Chateau de Amethyst

Chef Amethyst

The New Generation

Originating from Inglewood California, Chef Amethyst is a food connoisseur. Amethyst’s cooking inspiration developed as a result of her desire to maintain good physical and emotional health. Now 6 years later, and a loss of 132lbs., she is stayed true to her goals of becoming a graduate & certified chef from Le Cordon Bleu. Chef Amethyst understands food is ever evolving, but the one thing that should stay the same is the LOVE you create in the kitchen.

Chef ???

The Fresh Cook

Will It be You??

Executive Chef K. Brown

The Reno Chef

A Southern California native, Khamel Brown developed his passion for food, working the garden with his grandmother as a child in Pasadena, Ca. A current member of the American Culinary Federation, Chef Brown earned his chef certification and continues to refine his culinary artistic ability by creating masterful recipes on a daily basis. Chef Brown reminds you that, “food is at the center of everyday life and most precious memories. You’ll never forget the moment, as well as the meal.”