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Perfect Ribs EveryTime

Don’t settle for mediocre tastes; rather learn to prepare “Perfect Ribs Every Time” by Chaplains Gourmet.

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Become The Chef

Not everyone wakes up and decides they are going to be a Chef. It comes from a place of Passion and it usually takes years of Research in the Field. When deciding if Becoming a Chef Is Right for You, don’t be afraid! Just know one day someone will be proud of your decision! 

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Tilt the Bottle Fundraiser

Let the sauce drip where it may!!! With Chaplains 4 New Signature Bar-B-Q flavors and All-Purpose Seasoning, there is no limit to exploding taste buds when you

“Tilt the Bottle”.

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Story About US


Brian D. Goins, founder of Chaplains Gourmet Inc.(CGI), along with his wife and co-founder Ruthie have four passions in life. Their love for God, love for family, their desire to help people and the desire for creating great meals. Brian is a pastor, CEO of Fund-Orphans and has served as a Chaplain for the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department for over 15 years. In fact, it is from his years of service as Chaplain that the name for CGI was coined. Brian’s desire to couple his entrepreneurial expertise with flare for cooking is what led him to create the perfect sauce. He began mixing different ingredients in the sauce while utilizing his true Texas born wife’s taste buds to sample each flavor until they perfected Chaplain’s Original Gourmet Sauce. Once satisfied with the sauce, Brian and Ruthie felt that it was time to share their creation with others.

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